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It's Like Having A Personal Trainer For My Finances In My Pocket

Michelle Littman

FinFit saved my life. I was late on house tax and they pulled me through. I still have my home and my children are safe and have a legacy!

Shade Flores

Hello, I love FinFit. They been there for me when no one else could help; they are like my family or my best friend when you need them the most. When life surprises you with obstacles FinFit extends the hand to reach you. Thanks for your help.

Eric Acosta

I think, FinFit is a big help, with all of us employees...with all the benefits we get from them... without their help...who knows what.... but they are a big help and thank you so much! :-)

Customized Assessments

There is Only One You

Everybody starts in a different place. The FinFit customized Financial Assessment is a quick (honest) tool to help you understand where you are right now and how to use FinFit to achieve your financial fitness goals.

Short-Term Loans

Life Happens.

When 50% of Americans don’t have $400 to cover an emergency expense*, it’s good to know FinFit can provide short-term loans** of $500-$10,000 dollars.

We do more than just help you achieve your goals, we provide a solution for when the unexpected happens.

* Report Economic Well Being US Households-2015 Federal Reserve
** Subject to credit approval

Ready University

FinFit's Fun Financial University is Ready

We make financial education fun, easy and fast-paced. Ready University gives you content-packed training for financial fitness. You can learn at your own pace and there are no old professors droning on.

Financial Calculators

Figure Out The Hard Stuff

If you want to buy a car and the APR is 15%, how many grasshoppers dance on quarters? Let’s face it, sometimes life’s equations can be difficult to understand. That’s why FinFit provides over 20 Financial Calculators to help you get the answers you need.

Financial Dashboard

Your (Financial) Life In Your Pocket

Imagine having all of your accounts, your goals, your bill reminders – all in one spot designed to help you make and track your progress. Now imagine that once you set it up, it automatically manages your budget with every paycheck following the rules you set. It’s like having your own budget butler – how cool is that? Now you can make the small choices that matter and see they can lead to your bigger goals.

Empower Yourself With FinFit™.

Your employer or association provides the benefit at no cost to you. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

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